Secure Facility, 24/7 Access, Month-to-Month Rental

For Work & Storage

LED Lighting

Climate Control

Versatile Space for Centralized Operations

A cost-effective solution for tradesmen and contractors needing a central place of operation with storage. We offer 240 square foot units at our secure gated facility. Our units have drive-up access and are equipped with power, lighting, temperature control and independent metering.


Ideal for: 

Small businesses in need of a centralized location to securely store perishable goods for delivery. Our climate controlled units maintain goods at stable set temperatures.

Contractors requiring a secure space for tools, equipment, and prep work. Our work containers provide a versatile solution, particularly useful for those handling multiple clients and projects.

Repair services needing a nearby location to store tools, spare parts, and service vehicles. We enable quick access to essential equipment so you can respond more quickly to your customers’ needs.

Work and storage unit interior

Well Located For Serving Customers in North Brunswick County

We are 5 minutes from both Lowes Hardware, Walmart and Waterford in Leland NC.

Our proximity to hardware and general suppliers makes our contractor spaces ideal for streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency.

Prison-Grade Security

At our facility, state-of-the-art technology, top-notch security, and outstanding customer service come together to provide the ultimate protection for your tools, equipment, and goods.

24/7/365 Facility Access

Access your unit any time. Even on weekends and holidays work never stops, we never close.

Massive Power For Running Industrial Tools and Equipment

You will not run out of power at our facility. We can accomodate power for running whatever equipment you need.

Month-To-Month Rentals with Transparent Pricing

We offer month-to-rentals with no long-term commitments.

Who Uses Our Spaces?


Local landscaper uses our facility and container as a central location for running his business. 

Needs We Meet:

Contractor Space Used By Landscaper
Microgreens grown in a storage container

Indoor Farmer

Micro-greens farmer uses our unit for growing produce that he sells to restaurants in the Wilmington area. 

Needs We Meet:

Microbrewery Distributor

Raleigh based microbrewery uses our containers for storage and distribution in the Wilmington area. 

Needs We Meet:

Secure storage facility's container used for climate controlled storage of goods and as a distribution center


How secure is your facility and containers?

Highly Secure

Our camera system spots any human or vehicle activity, and our team receives alerts when the gate opens. Tenants are identified by their license plate, phone app, or PIN code. We keep records for several months.

If we detect anything suspicious, we use loudspeakers to notify the person on site. If there's no cooperation, we promptly call the police. Our staff is available 24/7.

What does 24/7/365 Hour Access Entail?

24/7/365 access means you can enter the facility and have access to your goods at all times, including during off-hours and holidays.

Can I run a business from my work container?

If your primary place of work is in the community (ex: you are a plumber, electrician, landscaper, distributor) and you are not in your unit for more than 3 hours a day then yes.

We aren't licensed to run office space or to have a full time work space. We curate all our tenants based on their usage to make sure it fits with zoning guidelines.

Can I receive deliveries to the facility and my unit?

Yes, this is possible. We offer a monitored room for deliveries, a covered share area behind the gate and depending on the delivery vendor you can authorize them to put the goods directly into the unit.

Can I use the facility as my primary mailing address?

Sadly this is not possible, but the UPS Store is about 1 mile away and offers this service.

Do I get access to water and toilets?

Yes. We have public port-o-potties on our property as well as a water station.

Where do I park while using my unit?

Depends on the length of time you are on the property. You need to park "T" style to our unit and avoid interrupting the flow of traffic. You can back up to your unit for short durations, but again leave the flow of traffic un-inhibitied.

How is rent calculated?

When a customer moves in middle of month, we will pro-rate charges until end of current month and charge for the full amount on recurring months.

Services and Products are charged at the full monthly rate regardless of when ordered.

On move-out entire month is charged.

Invoices are generated on the 2nd of each month.