PODS, how we compare to the GIANT

The difference between Contractor Space and PODS

You’ve probably heard of Pods, one of the country’s largest container-type storage and moving companies. Since 1998, Pods has pioneered the concept of portable storage containers, now operating in 46 states and facilitating over 6 million moves. They are experts in their field.



Who are We?

At Contractor Space, we aim to pioneer a different concept. Unlike Pods, we specialize in locally powered and climate-controlled units for contractors and tradespeople.



We Believe:

Our concept stands apart from Pods. We focus on providing long-term tenants with affordable workspace and storage for their products and goods, ensuring around-the-clock security in a gated and fenced facility. Our units are equipped with power outlets, HVAC, lighting and insulation.



The Difference:

While we share similarities, our approach is unique. Our target market consists of individuals seeking mixed-use spaces, catering to those starting or running small businesses. Our concept enables tenants to transition into flexible or traditional workspaces in the future, reducing startup costs.

How we compare to PODS


Portable storage
average $305 for 16' unit / month
  • Portable
  • Small 8'x7'x8'
  • Medium 12'8'x8'
  • Large 16'x8'x8'
  • Not Powered
  • No Climate Control
  • Not Insulated


Powered and climate controlled storage
starts at $298 for 20' unit / month
  • Portable
  • Small 20'x8'x9'
  • Medium 30'x8'x9'
  • Large 40'x8'x9' (refrigerated only)
  • 50 Amp Power
  • Climated Controlled
  • Insulated